Douching 101: Using An Anal Douche Enema

The first thing you think when you hear anal sex probably isn’t “clean”. Well, push your preconceptions aside, because the truth of the matter is– it can be! If you use an enema and practice proper hygiene before having anal sex then you will be in for some of the cleanest sex you have ever had! But the problem is, most people see an enema and don’t know where to start! That’s why I am here, to give you the low-down on using an anal douche enema.

I can still remember, even I was a little hesitant the first time I heard about douching. It sounds a bit scary, but the honest truth is that since I started using an enema, getting ready for sex is easier, faster and much more convenient than ever.

I can not emphasize how much using an enema has improved my experience with anal. So my advice is to give douching a try!

I can guarantee that your next sexual experience will be far better for both you and your partner.


Using an anal enema can be a strange experience for first timers. This is why choosing an enema that is comfortable and made specifically for anal douching is so important.

There are a lot of different types and sizes out there but when it comes down to it, your enema only needs to do one thing– clean you up before sex.


When you select your enema you want something that is simple to use, easy to clean, and will last you a long time.

I have been using my enema for over a year now and it has been a worthwhile investment. It is relatively inexpensive at around $20, and the simple design is easy to disassemble and refill.

Even more, it is comfortable to use, and the tip it narrow and goes in easily. It is simple, no frills and gets the job done for not too much money.

The removable heads also make it easy to clean. All it takes is a bit of soap and water and a thorough rinse inside and out.


OK, now let’s get into the details of actually how to use an enema for the first time. To start, go to the bathroom naturally. You want to flush your system naturally as much as possible before you attempt using an enema. When using the bathroom, be sure to take your time and try not to strain yourself.

When you are finished, wash up down there with your finger and some warm water. You want to make sure the area is clean before you use the enema.

Next, fill your enema pouch with room temperature water. Do not make the water too cold or too hot, as this can be really uncomfortable (I know from experience).


Next, you want to apply a small amount of lubricant to the tip if the enema (for a guide on picking the right anal lube, check here). Gently slide the tip of the enema in so that it is about an inch inside.

When you are inserting, I recommend doing it over a toilet just to be extra cautious. Slowly press the enema bulb and as you do this the water will begin to go inside.

It is extremely important that once you have pressed it all the way into NOT release the enema bulb. The pressure difference will cause dirty water to rush back into the pouch. That would be bad.

Next, slowly remove the tip of the enema and let the water sit inside. Wait for about three to five minutes to allow any leftover residue soften.

Finally, push out and go to the bathroom again making sure that all of the water is gone. Repeat this process one or two more times and you will ready for action.

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