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Rossina Tassone – 43kgs & 48cm in 9 months

I wish I could say the reason I put on 42kgs over the last 10 years was because i was abducted by aliens and force fed KFC and donuts but my story doesn’t have any fancy excuses for why I let myself get as horrible as I did. I don’t have any defining moments as to what made me wake up and make a change but after hearing about Platinum’s services and how they offered personal training as part of their membership, I thought I’d give it a try! I’d joined several gyms in the past but I have never lasted longer than 30 days so the fact I’ve survived almost a year with Platinum Health & Pilates is a true testament to how AWESOME their staff and services are. I’ve gone from hating exercise to being a gym junkie, I thrive on it and I can’t believe how amazing I feel. My diet has changed dramatically too thanks to their Nutritionist Michelle whom without the support of, I would probably be a boarder in Macca’s Drive thru! Thank you Platinum for changing my life!